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  • Better Questions to Ask

    When your student comes home from school does it sound like this: “How was school?” And the response is, “Fine.” Then you ask the ever famous follow up question, “Do you have any homework?” And the one word response is, “No.”

    As adults we would love more information about the last 7 hours of our student’s day! One way to get that is to ask better, more specific questions. Try the following questions:

    9th grade

    “What book are you reading?”
    “When is your next book test?”
    “What is Khan Academy?”
    “Show me your calendar for Science”

    10th grade

    “What is your Holland code?” (All students currently enrolled in drivers ed can answer that)
    “Can you please show me QUIA?” (a way to help students in biology)
    “What is Khan Academy?”

    11th grade

    “Can you please show me the calendar for English 11?” (yes – the December and January ones are available)
    “What is the policy for late work in Global Studies?"

    12th grade

    “What is the next assignment for Senior Seminar?”
    “What is a wikki space?”

    Any student:

    “Show me your grades on Powerschool.”
    “What was the best part of your day?”
    “Tell me something that made you laugh.”
    “What was the best part about lunch today?”

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