• Here are some brochures to help you better understand the standards that the PA Department of Education expects your child to achieve by the end of their 5th grade year.  Remember these standards are milestones, and each child develops at a different rate.  Like the height and weight chart at the pediatrician's office, we know that children develop differently based on many factors.  Please encourage your child to do their best in regards to their work attitude and effort in, and out of, the school day.  We want them to GROW to meet their full potential. Like a plant. The adults in their life, and their peers, have to help make that happen.  We are the sunshine and the soil in their garden!
    The Classroom Diagnostic Tool (CDT) is a "check" test we will be giving two to three times a year to see how your child is growing.  The CDTs are tests that have been designed by the PA Department of Education and have been aligned to the standards for each grade level.
    We will be sharing results of this test at conferences, and throughout the year.