4th Grade Math

    This year your child will become mathematises that apply perseverance skills and strategies.  Students will learn the following content this year:

    Angles (Measuring and Drawing)

    Lines (Parallel, Perpendicular)

    Squares and Rectangles

    Area and Perimeter

    Lines of Symmetry

    Place Value

    Estimation, Factors and Multiples

    Multiplication and Division w/ Bar Modeling



    Addition and Subtractions of Decimals


    Helpful Suggestions


    *   Bar Modeling.  We will be learning how to solve real world problems with bar modeling this year.   This is a new method of learning math for your child.  We will spend a great deal of time on this.  

    *   If your child is struggling at home on their homework please have them explain everything they know about the problem and then explain what they dont know.  We will then work on it together.  

    New:  Each child has access their student book, workbook, interactive games, and interactive manipulatives online. You can visit this site Your child has received a username and password.  They came home with step-by-step directions on how to access the website.  Parents are also able to watch informational videos that allow you to learn about what your child is learning in each chapter.   If you nee another copy please let me know.  This is a wonderful resource to use. Click on ThinkCentral, below, and it will give you directions to log onto the website.


    Math Fact Practice Links

    Fact Monster http://

    Math Play Ground: http://

    Mulitplication Games: http://

    Games: http://