Helping Your Little Author

  • Oral Storytelling

    Oral storytelling is our first step in becoming authors. Prior to writing a story, a child must first be able to orally retell the story. Immersing children in oral story language will increase their knowledge and understanding of how authors write interesting stories that express feelings, thoughts, and character actions.

    During oral storytelling we will focus on:

        ·  a beginning, middle, and end to our story

        · telling our story across 5 fingers i.e. what happens first, next, etc.

        · adding details to our story

    Please encourage oral storytelling by having your child retell an event that happened at home. Even the little moments such as grocery with Mommy or going to the park are worthwhile stories! 



  • Other Helpful Hints

    Let your child stretch out words.

    Don’t spell words for your child.

    Try not to correct incorrect spelling until your child is a reader and knows the word does not look right.

    Ask your child to read back their work to check for understanding and to make revisions.

    Emphasize that all stories have a beginning, middle and end.

    Check on writing through questioning: “Tell me about your story”, “Who is in the picture?”

    Celebrate all the positives in your child’s writing!

    Make writing a part of everyday life by having your child keep a journal.