District Strategic Plan 2008-2014

    Data Driven Decision-making
    Upper Adams teachers and administrators will effectively use data driven decision-making. Individual student data from a number of sources as well as building and district level data will be analyzed and evaluated to develop a foundation for all decisions. Curriculum, Instruction, selection of materials and hiring of staff will all be based on this foundation and decisions will be built on it will always be measured by their ability to meet the needs of all students.

    Every Teacher a Reading Teacher
    Reading proficiency is crucial to success in every grade. The ability to read and comprehend various types of material and media and to synthesize knowledge from them is necessary in every content area. For all students to be successful in learning and applying appropriate skills, each teacher must view herself or himself as a teacher of reading.

    Meeting the Needs of the 21st Century Learner
    The Upper Adams School District recognizes that our students deserve the type of instruction that will fully prepare them for the globalization of their future. Students will need higher-level thinking skills that promote innovation, creativity, problem solving, symphony, communication skills and the ability to empathize. Instruction and learning materials must evolve to match the needs and opportunities of an ever-widening horizon.

    Meeting the Needs of our Under-served and
    Under-resourced Populations
    Our school district is faced with a growing number of students who live in or on the fringes, of poverty. These students have exceptional needs based on their background experiences and familial circumstances. We need to address the needs of all populations and sub—groups, especially our economically disadvantaged students.