• MS307  Grade 7 Science:  Life Science is the study of all living organisms.  The basic unit of each organism is the cell.  Ecology, Genetics, and Human Heredity are also stressed.  Dissections are an intriguing part of the course; however, alternatives to dissection are provided.  The five kingdoms are the Animals, the Plants, the Protists, the Fungi, and the Bacteria.  Life Science also shows variation in living things.

    MS308   Grade 8 Science:  This is an introductory course for physics and chemistry.  Emphasis is placed on basic knowledge in each of those subjects as well as group and individual lab work.  In the lab, basic skills and use of equipment are practiced in preparation for the high school science program.  Topics studied include: measurement, chemical families, the periodic table of elements, forces, motion, waves, and states of matter.  Some math skills as well as graphing are needed in this class and are reviewed with the students.