A discipline infraction is anything that impedes the normal functioning of the classroom environment
    or has a negative effect on learning, in general.
    Examples include, but are not limited to:
    excessive talking
    not working
    poor language
    class disturbance
    food/drink in class (water is permitted)
    gum observed (gum allowed, but chewed in a tactful way)
    head down - inattentive
    unauthorized use of electronic device (including computer and, especially, the cell-phone)
    taking a test or quiz out of the classroom
    Depending upon the severity and/or frequency of the infracton(s), the student will receive a verbal
    reprimand and/or an email notification (which will be CC'd to his/her dean of students).
    Verbal warnings may be withheld in order to keep the flow of he lesson moving.
    If unacceptable behavior continues, a more formal referral will be made to the dean through Powerschool.
    Most likely, the student can be expected to be called to the office and issued a school detention.
    If infractions continue, referrals continue and may result in a parent conference
    and/or additional disciplinary action.
    Please note that more serious infractions will be handled according to the student
    handbook and/or an administrator will be called to remove the student from the
    classroom, if necessary.
    Self-control and self-discipline are expected and cooperation is always appreciated.
    Being prepared for class and showing respect to the teacher/aides, your fellow classmates, and
    yourself will keep you out of trouble and make the learning process more pleasant for everyone. :)