Discipline will be handled on a "3 strikes and yer out" basis.

     A "strike" is anything that impedes the normal functioning of the classroom

    or has a negative effect on learning in general. Examples include: excessive

    talking, not working, poor language, class disturbance, food/drink in class

    (water is permitted), littering, head down, unauthorized use of electronic

    device, mid-term report late or lost, horseplay, and any other thing that the

    teacher, in his professional opinion, deems as qualifying for reprimand.


    After 3 "strikes" (infractions), a student will be issued a "green slip" - this is a formal

    warning and the office is informed of the behaviors.


    3 "strikes" beyond that, a student earns a teacher detention (1/2 hr. after


    After an additional 3 "strikes", an electronic "pink slip" is issued - this is the 

    equivalent of an office referral and the student can expect to be called to the 

    office and issued a school detention.


    There is a "forgiveness" policy - if a student, regardless of how many "strikes" 

    have accrued, can go a full calendar month without any additional "strikes",

    he/she will go back to "0" on the "strike" count.  If "strikes" continue, referrals

    continue and may result in a parent conference or additional disciplinary action.

    Please note that more serious infractions will be handled according to the student
    handbook and/or an administrator will be called to remove the student from the
    classroom, if necessary.
    Self-control and self-discipline are expected and cooperation is always appreciated.
    Being prepared for class and showing respect to the teacher/aides, your fellow classmates, and
    yourself will keep you out of trouble and make the learning process more pleasant for everyone. :)