• BHS Preschool Lab Philosophy

    We, the high school students, believe that it is necessary for children attending BHS preschool lab to learn and play in a positive and nurturing environment. We believe in maintaining a daily routine that includes guidance, support, and encouragement for each child. This in turn will enhance the child’s ability to know success in a learning environment.

    Through freedom of expression, children can have fun while learning. It is essential for children to have experiences through play to develop pro-social behaviors and independence. Our program promotes the development of children respecting themselves and others. At BHS preschool lab, we will provide a safe and healthy learning environment in which children will be given the opportunity for success everyday. Overall, we pledge to do our best to achieve our goals and maintain our philosophy for this preschool lab year.

    BHS Preschool Lab Goals

    • Help children build positive relationships
    • Help children develop positive self-concept
    • Help children develop independence
    • Help children develop respect for one’s self and others


    BHS Preschool Lab Daily Schedule

    8:00-8:10 am Arrival/Free Play

    8:10-8:15 Clean Up

    8:15-8:30 Small Group Time

    8:30-8:45 Calendar and Weather

    8:45-8:52 Snack

    8:52-9:10 Large Group/Circle Time:  Songs and Story

    9:10-9:30 Small Group Time

    9:30-9:35 Closing Group and Dismissal


    We appreciate the prompt arrival of the children every day.  Children can arrive at the preschool lab between 7:55 – 8:15 am, unless prearranged with Mrs. Fritz.  Please walk your child to the preschool lab door and allow the child to enter the room by himself/herself.

    Free Play

    Free play occurs at the beginning of each day.  The classroom is arranged in interest areas.   These areas include sand box, blocks, table activities, and dramatic play, such as the kitchen area and dress up.  Children have the opportunity to play in the areas of their choice.  However, in special areas we must limit the number of children.

    Small Group Time/Table Activities

    Students in Child Development plan and prepare activities, such as arts and crafts, that relate to the theme of the week.  Children are usually split into smaller groups and then rotated to each station.


    Story is selected according to the theme of the week.  Students in Child Development read stories and children participate in related group activities.


    Songs are selected by the preschool children.  Students in Child Development lead and direct songs.  Children participate in singing with hand motions.


    We ask that parents sign up on the calendar to bring snacks and drinks for all children.  Students in Child Development are then responsible for serving the snack.


    Preschool lab ends each day at 9:25-9:30 am and children are dismissed at this time.  We appreciate you waiting quietly outside the preschool lab door until the children are dismissed.  If you need to leave early or right away, please let Mrs. Fritz know in advance so that we can have your child ready to go.

    General Policies

    Contact for Absences

    If your child is absent, please call and leave a message with Mrs. Fritz’s voicemail at 677-7191 ext. 2504 or email Mrs. Fritz at l.fritz@upperadams.org.

    Sick Child

    If your child is running a temperature above normal (98.6), it is a good idea to keep him/her at home. If your child becomes ill anytime during preschool, Mrs. Fritz will contact you or your emergency contact person to come and pick your child up early.

    Schedule Changes

    There is always the possibility with any schedule for changes to occur.  Therefore, we must remain flexible.  If a change in the schedule becomes necessary, you will be notified in advance if possible.  Over the winter months, if there is inclement weather and the high school has a delay of any kind, preschool lab will be cancelled for that day.


    Parking for drop off and pick-up is available directly outside the BHS Preschool Lab classroom, which is located behind the high school building, at the first set of double doors. Families should enter the building through the double doors into the preschool lobby.


    The cost for your child to attend preschool is $35.00 for the October to January session and an additional $35.00 for the February to May session.  Checks should be made out to “Biglerville High School”.  We are committed to making preschool a pleasant and successful learning experience for your child.

    Standards that Promote a Successful Preschool Lab Experience

    • Be on time, it is essential for the high school students’ learning experience.
    • Dress children appropriately for indoor and possibly outdoor play.  Sneakers are the preferred footwear for preschool lab.
    • A change of clothes is required for all children.
    • Children can bring objects/toys from home only on designated Show and Tell days.
    • If on any day, the child will be dropped off or picked up by a person other than the “usual” one, please notify Mrs. Fritz with a phone call, in writing, or in person.
    • Please feel free to contact Mrs. Fritz when you have any concerns relating to your child and/or their preschool lab experience.