• *** Enrichment is a credited course

    *** Enrichment is not free time

     Enrichment is a time used:

     1.    To complete class work and study for test and quizzes

    2.     To complete make-up assignments

    3.     To strengthen academic and employment skills

    "Student's Job"

    1.     Be here – attend school

    2.     Be punctual

    3.     Be prepared

    4.     Be organized

    5.     Be focused

    6.     Be positive

    7.     Be inquisitive

    8.     Be productive

    9.     Be prompt in completing assignments

    10.  Give your best effort 

    11.  Seek/Ask for help when it is needed

     Classroom Rules:

     1.    Be respectful

    2.     Use appropriate language

    3.     Be cooperative


     1.    Laptops are only for school related assignments during enrichment

    2.     Must have headphones to use computer audio

    3.     Remember – Computers are school property, and all images and content must be school appropriate

     Point System for Grading:

     1.    Two (2) points daily

    ·      1 point for work accomplished 

    ·      1 point for behavior

    2.     Grades will be recorded as a Pass /Fail on the report card