Introduction to Web Page Development

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    Course Description:  Introductory coverage of the Internet and online Web technologies.  Skills learned include how to plan, create, and maintain static Web pages.  This course is offered for credit (3 Cr. 3-0) through Pennsylvania College of Technology to applicable interested students – placement by examination.
    Student Outcomes:  Upon successful completion of the course, students will be able to 

    1.    Explain the history and structure of the Internet and the World Wide Web.

    2.     Identify security issues on the Internet. 

    3.     Describe the use of a Web interface in various computer interactions including the Internet, E-Commerce, and Intranets.

    4.    Define the basic components of web documents.

    5.    Recognize and interpret the current markup language for the Web.

    6.    Identify current methods to acquire graphic images from a scanner, digital camera, and other technologies.

    7.    Observe and explain the use of graphics and structural design in commercial websites.

    8.    Effectively incorporate the use of styles as alternatives to tables and frames in static Web pages.

    9.    Discuss the use of multimedia utilities that impact Web development.

    10.  Explain the use of client-side scripting.

    11.  Utilize software utility programs to produce Web sites.

    12.  Setup a website on a remote server that links multiple pages.

    13.  Summarize plans for customer project in a written proposal.

    Information Literacy Requirements:  To be successful in any technology field, the professional must be able to locate research and information that is required to perform a given task, determine its accuracy and relevance to the task, and then use that information in an appropriate sequence to complete the task.  In this course, students will be given the opportunity to practice these skills, through the use of a variety of information sources, primarily, but not limited to the Internet.  Successful students will:  conduct research on effective web site design, effective user interfaces, emerging web technologies, and explore W3C Web standards and guidelines for current and future Web development. 

    Course Contents

    Chapter 1:  Structure                                                            

    Chapter 2:  Text                                                                       

    Chapter 3:  Lists                                                                        

    Chapter 4:  Links                                                                       

    Chapter 5:  Images                                                                  

    Chapter 6:  Tables                                                                   

    Chapter 7:  Forms                                                                         

    Chapter 8:  Extra Markup                                                             

    Chapter 9:  Flash, Video & Audio                                              

    Chapter 10: Introducing CSS
    Chapter 11:  Color
    Chapter 12:  Text
    Chapter 13:  Boxes
    Chapter 14:  Lists, Tables, & Forms
    Chapter 15:  Layout
    Chapter 16:  Images
    Chapter 17:  HTML5 Layout
    Chapter 18:  Process & Design