•                                                         ESSENTIAL SCIENCE - Course Expectations
    • Covers topics as listed in the course outline (not necessarily in that order). There is no "formal" textbook for this course, but Prime Science, Vol.1 (orange book) and Vol.2 (purple book) may be used from time to time as resource materials and for specific assignments. The books stay in the classroom unless a student needs to check one out in order to finish an assignment. Obviously, the laptop computer is a chief resource tool that students are expected to have ready for use on a daily basis (charged). The teacher's notes/lessons/assignments are the main avenue for gaining the necessary information to help you to be successful in this course. Therefore, it is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED that you keep your notes and assignments ORGANIZED in a notebook and folder/binder. The more organized you are, the more likely you are to achieve your goal of passing the course and gaining credit towards graduation.
    • Expect a major test and 1 or 2 quizzes per quarter; there is a cumulative final exam at the end of the course.
    • Expect 15-20 graded assignments (classwork or homework) per quarter. Each of these is worth 10 points; they are called “check”
      assignments and are tallied and entered into the computer (PowerSchool) after every 5 assignments. All work is expected to be YOUR 
      OWN work and is not to be copied from another - EVEN during group work situations; there will be a few exceptions where you and your
      "partner" will be turning in one assignment for the two of you (the teacher will make that clear). Again, copying work from anyone else, 
      including your partner (even after an absence) is NOT group work, so please don't interpret it as such. Zeros will be given in such situations
      and the work will not be able to be made up in the future. Please include your Name, Date, and Period at the top of all of your graded work;
      this includes assignments that may be collected electronically.
    • Quarter grades will be based upon the following:
              TESTS ----- 40%      QUIZZES ----- 30%      ASSIGNMENTS ----- 30%
    * The Final Grade for the course will be calculated as 45% Sem1, 45% Sem2, and 10% for the Final Exam.