Intro to Computer Science - CodeHS


    Course Contents

    1. Unit 1 – Programming with Karel:  Introduction to Programming, Karel Commands, Functions, Top Down Design and Decomposition, Commenting Code, For Loops, If Statements, If/Else Statements, While Loops, Control Structures, How to Indent Code.

    2. Unit 2 – Basic Javascript and Graphics:  Variables, Basic User Input, Basic Math in Javascript, JavaScript Graphics, Booleans, Logical Operators, Comparison Operators, If Statements in JavaScript, For Loops in JavaScript, Factorial, While Loops, Loop and a Half, Functions and Parameters, Functions and Return Values, Local Variables and Scope.

    3. Unit 3 – Animation and Games:  Timers, Mouse Events: Mouse Clicked, Mouse Moved, Coordinates, Key Events, Drag and Drop.

    4. Unit 4 – Project: Breakout  Decomposition, Top Down Design, Events, Constant Timer, Break Down (Decompose), Argument

    5. Unit 5 – Basic Data Structures:  List Array, Indexing into an Array, Array List: Pop/Push; Array Length and Looping, Array List Iterate, Iterating Over an Array, Objects/Maps.