• Intro to Animation

     Course Content

    Chapter 1 – The Not-So-Boring Animation Intro – What are Animations?  How an Animation Works?  What is Flash?  Planning your Animation, Storyboarding, Animating

    Chapter 2 – Taking the Tour – Navigating the Start Page, Navigating the Menu Bar, Using the Timeline, The Stage, Using the Tools Panel, Using the Property Inspector, Using Other Panels, Windows, and Inspectors, Managing the User Interface, Saving Layouts

    Chapter 3 – Your First Animation – Creating Your First Animation, Getting Around Your Documents

    Chapter 4 – Drawing, Selecting, and Importing Objects – Drawing Objects, Selecting Objects, Importing Objects

    Chapter 5 – Transforming and Filling Objects – Moving Objects, Free Transforming – a.k.a. Moving, Resizing, Squishing, Stretching, Skewing, and Rotating, Reshaping an Object, Applying Fills and Outlines

    Chapter 6 – Working with Layers – Creating and Naming Layers, Moving Layers, Exploring Layer Features, Removing Layers, Organizing Your Layers in Folders, Using Guide Layers

    Chapter  7 – Animation 101 – Understanding the Timeline, Creating Frame-by-Frame Animations, Tweening, Timing

    Chapter 8  - Putting Your Body in Motion – Creating the Character, Animating the Character, Creating the Background, Animating the Background Now You Try

    Chapter 9 – Tunes for Your ‘Toons – Importing Sounds and Music, Inserting Sounds, Creating Background Music, Recording Dialogue, Positioning Audio, Adding Sound Effects, Creating Custom Effects, Configuring Buttons for Sound, Compressing Your Sound

    Chapter 10 – Cool Flash Effects --  Ghost Typing, Fading In and Out, Applying an Extreme Close-Up, Masking, Tossing Rocks in a Pond