• Personal Finance Management

    Finance Park  
    Course Content

    o Credit – How does your credit score affect you in the future?
    o Car Buying – How can you be a knowledgeable consumer and get the best price 
    when purchasing a vehicle?
    o Auto Insurance – What are some ways to save on auto insurance rates?
    o Renting – What do you need to know about leases, rental agreements, and who is 
    responsible for upkeep and repairs?
    o Home Buying – What is a mortgage? How much money does it really cost you to own a home?
    o Banking – How do you use online banking? How do you balance a checkbook? Are 
    all banks similar? How do ATM cards, credit cards, and lines of credit work?
    o Taxes – Who has to pay taxes? What types of taxes are taken off your paycheck? 
    What other taxes are consumers responsible for paying?
    o Budgets – How do you plan for the future? How do you not spend more than you make?
    o Investments – How do you plan for the future? How does the stock market work? 
    What are mutual funds?
    o Travel – How do you plan a family vacation?
    o Careers – What are some skills for success? What are possible interview questions? 
    How do you prepare a resume, list of references, fill out
    cover letter and follow-up letter?