Welcome to Band!



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Welcome to Band!

Resources will soon be uploaded here and on Google Classroom.  These include updates on what's going on in band class, links to documents you may have missed, and a calendar of upcoming events.  Stay tuned for more details! If you have any questions feel free to reach out to me at a.schweizer@upperadams.org

 Here are some great resources to check out in the mean time:

Musictheory.net Note Reading Links: See how many you can get correct!

Note ID - Easy: https://www.musictheory.net/exercises/note/beoyryo1rj1ynybyyy

Note ID - Medium: https://www.musictheory.net/exercises/note/bg1yryo1gm4ynyyyyy

Note ID - Challenge: https://www.musictheory.net/exercises/note/bdwyrybynyyyyb

Note ID Low Brass Only - Easy: https://www.musictheory.net/exercises/note/neoyryo1rj1ynybyyb

Note ID Low Brass Only - Medium: https://www.musictheory.net/exercises/note/n81yrytsgm5ynybyyb

Note ID Low Brass Only - Challenge: https://www.musictheory.net/exercises/note/ndwyryt6gx5ynyyyyb

Note Construction - Easy: https://www.musictheory.net/exercises/note-construction/beoyryyyybo1rj1ynyyyn

Note Construction - Medium: https://www.musictheory.net/exercises/note-construction/bg1yryyyyybynyyyb

Note Construction - Challenge: https://www.musictheory.net/exercises/note-construction/bduyryybyybynyyyb

Note Construction Low Brass Only - Easy: https://www.musictheory.net/exercises/note-construction/neoyryybybo1rj1ynyyyb

Note Construction Low Brass Only - Challenge: https://www.musictheory.net/exercises/note-construction/ndwyryybyybynyyyb


Incredibox: https://www.incredibox.com/demo/