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    Exploring Technology 1

    The Exploring Technology 1 course will systematically examine physical and information technologies. The students will learn about how humans have solved problems in these systems in the past and in the future through hands-activities. The vehicle for learning will be the problem-solving type project. Students will encounter a unique experience where they must apply science and math knowledge as well as methodically build projects that will solve the problems. (1/2 credit)


    Exploring Technology 2

    The Exploring Technology 2 course is a continuation of the Exploring Technology 1 course. This course will emphasize the steps of technological problem-solving from ideation, computer aided drawing, prototyping, and evaluation of the final product/solution. Examples of projects will include autonomous and remote controlled robotics, structural engineering challenges and engineering design challenges. (1/2 credit)


    Visual Communications 1

    The Visual Communications 1 course will examine typography, design principles for desktop publishing layouts, digital photography, the utilization of Adobe PhotoShop for photo retouching and image creation, and page layout software. Students will create their own website that will serve as a portfolio of their work. As an introduction to video production, students will research, organize a storyboard, shoot the video, edit and create a DVD using digital video cameras and software.


    Visual Communications 2

    The Visual Communications 2 course will build on the basics that were started in Visual Communications 1 course. Students will learn to use Adobe Illustrator as another design tool for completing graphic design projects.  Advanced digital photography features and effects will be explored. The course will stress good design concepts and emphasize the quality and purpose of the end product. Students will continue to build their websites to serve as a portfolio of all their projects.


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